Message from Our Board Member, Karen Kim

By Karen Kim

April 12, 2021

My name is Karen Kim. I am a second generation Korean American originally from Atlanta, GA. I currently live in NYC and serve as a board member of 

I began supporting because celebrating our collective experiences is important to me. We create space to connect the stories of how our past and the present resonates with our experiences as Korean Americans. Now, more than ever, sharing our stories is important for our community, our country, and the world. 

The anti-Asian violence occurring in our country is not new, it is just beginning to be recognized. Like many, I have experienced discrimination, some subtle and some more obvious. And my responses varied depending on how much margin I could afford to others in the moment and the severity of the situation. I laughed it off awkwardly, screamed out of frustration and anger, stood in shock wondering if this was actually happening in NYC, and called the police.  I think the recent events in our country are very complex. I’m still processing them. I wonder why that police officer would say, “He was having a bad day” or why the doormen chose not to help that woman being attacked in Midtown.

We live in such a diverse country, but many people are isolated. It’s sad that many of us limit our life experiences like this. Through stories, I think we can change that a little, build community, bring greater understanding to Korean Americans but also to our larger American community as well. 

I love and want to encourage you to give by joining our Storytellers Circle as I will be matching your total monthly donations up to $3,000!

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