Gala 2021 COVID-19 Protocols

September 15, 2021

Dear friends and supporters of,

We are eager to celebrate our 11th Annual Gala in-person after a year of not being able to see you! We would like to share the COVID-19 precautions we have instituted to ensure everyone attending feels safe and comfortable. 

Here’s what we are doing:

It is REQUIRED for ALL GUESTS to be vaccinated and provide proof in order to attend the event. There will be a check for a physical vaccination card or digital vaccine passport as well as an ID.

• Attendees will be capped at 250 people

• While the standard table configuration is 10 seats, those who purchased tables have the option to split their tables into 2 (6 and 4 at an adjacent table). This request must be made no later than 9/27/2021

• Those who purchase individual tickets, in pairs or less than 10 tickets, may request being placed in tables with no more than 6 people. Otherwise, you will be placed at a standard table with 10 seats. This request must be made no later than 9/27/2021

• Tribeca 360 takes up an entire floor with 15,000 sq ft of space spanning all 4 sides of the building. Food stations and the 3 bars will be spread throughout this space to reduce crowding.

• Assigned tables the dinner/program area will be available for guests during cocktail hour to allow people more space to socially distance, and for those who wish to remain with the guests at their respective table (note that there will be movement in the dining area as Tribeca 360 staff will be preparing for the first course)

• All tables will have hand sanitizer accessible to guests and masks will be available on site.

What Tribeca 360 will be doing:

• Windows will be open throughout the venue to allow air circulation (if weather permits)

• All service staff will be required to wear masks 

• 15 hand sanitizer stations throughout the main venue floor

• 3 hand sanitizer stations in venue lobbies

• All restrooms will be equipped with no touch faucets and toilets

• Any food items provided via a station and all food items will be presented and served to the guests.

• Daily disinfection is also taking place via our own electrostatic sprayers prior to and after events by our in-house staff using Purtabs Hospital Disinfectant and Vital Oxide, which is a commercial and hospital disinfectant

• Daily cleaning and sanitization are also taking place using Virex

• All of our air conditioners use MERV-13 air filters

• All rules and regulations established by NY State and Local governments will be strictly enforced.

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If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email us at