Not Your Average is a series hosted by Julie Young where she has a conversation with people who are not your average Korean Americans. We also have released audio versions of Julie’s interviews for you to enjoy in a podcast format.

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Mikey Fresh

Mikey Fresh is the Senior Artist Relations Manager at Genius, a digital media company known for providing unique insight about the stories behind the most popular songs. From showing up awkwardly to a hip-hop magazine interview in a full suit and a fake resume, Mikey Fresh is now one of the top experts in the hip-hop industry. Mikey shares with Julie how he fell in love with hip-hop culture growing up as a young Korean American in New Jersey and how he’s found his way creating a unique career out of his nontraditional passion.


In this #NotYourAverage, Athina and Florence share with Julie Young how they started from just a simple idea to being met with overwhelming demand from their Kickstarter that launched them into establishing their own company.

Marcus Hahm

Marcus Hahm, also known as Avec Plaisir, is an award-winning sound designer, mixer, and music producer who’s worked with national brands and major labels doing commercial work, songwriting and music supervising.

HJ Lee

Get to know our very own Executive Director, HJ Lee, who co-founded with his wife Theresa Choh-Lee 9 years ago. HJ shares with Julie Young his intimate and personal experiences growing up that helped foster his vision for and ultimately led him to where he is today.

Doug Kim

For this week’s #NotYourAverage Julie Young is joined by co-host Noah Oh as they hang out with Doug Kim – former World Series poker player now turned actor. From getting rejected from limited Asian American roles, Doug shares his story of how he took the road less traveled by funding his own series called Just Doug, giving him the freedom to be his own Korean American authentic self.

Jae Lee

In this episode of #NotYourAverage, Julie Young chats with Jae Lee – a Korean American chef based in New York with 12 years of culinary experience under his belt. From working unpaid as a budding cook to becoming executive chef of NYC Rice & Gold, Lee is now promoting his new pop up restaurant Him 힘 which was inspired by his family’s immigrant journey from Korea.

Jean Lee

For this episode of #NotYourAverage, Julie Young sits down with Jean Lee – a former magazine photographer and now artist agent representing professional photographers and stylists. From graduating art school to working for newspapers and magazines, Jean shares her story discovering a creative career she never even knew existed.

Joey Kim

In this episode of #NotYourAverage, model, Shadowbox instructor, and medical student Joey Kim sits down with Julie Young to talk about how he juggles his eclectic career paths. Kim also shares the origin story behind his unconventional journey, including how growing up without Asian American role models pushed him to use modeling to combat stereotypes.

Ellie Lee

In our latest #NotYourAverage episode, TV host and actress Ellie Lee takes Julie Young through the ups and downs of her journey as a woman of color in the media industry. Lee, now the digital host for iHeartRadio, opens about the hardest moments in her career, including her on-camera audition for VH1 and her emotional breakdown after “going back to nothing.”


Julie Young

Julie Young is a lawyer turned nonprofit executive, speaker, writer and producer. She is the Founder of DreamMaker DreamDoer DreamSupporter, inc (DreamMaker3D) a non-profit company that provides resources, connections and inspiration for creatives, and nurtures future leaders. Programs of DreamMaker3D include the TIDE Film Festival, a festival that highlights movies written, produced or directed by people of color and The Phenomenal Girls Club, which fosters learning, leadership and friendship for girls of color. She is the creator, producer and host of the web series Not Your Average for Julie is the Founder of, and advisor to, $6.99 Per Pound Podcast. She is a frequent speaker on topics related to diversity, inclusion, identity and adoption.