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Mikey Fresh

Mikey Fresh is the Senior Artist Relations Manager at Genius, a digital media company known for providing unique insight about the stories behind the most popular songs. From showing up awkwardly to a hip-hop magazine interview in a full suit and a fake resume, Mikey Fresh is now one of the top experts in the hip-hop industry. Mikey shares with Julie how he fell in love with hip-hop culture growing up as a young Korean American in New Jersey and how he’s found his way creating a unique career out of his nontraditional passion.


In this #NotYourAverage, Athina and Florence share with Julie Young how they started from just a simple idea to being met with overwhelming demand from their Kickstarter that launched them into establishing their own company.

Marcus Hahm

Marcus Hahm, also known as Avec Plaisir, is an award-winning sound designer, mixer, and music producer who’s worked with national brands and major labels doing commercial work, songwriting and music supervising.

HJ Lee

Get to know our very own Executive Director, HJ Lee, who co-founded with his wife Theresa Choh-Lee 9 years ago. HJ shares with Julie Young his intimate and personal experiences growing up that helped foster his vision for and ultimately led him to where he is today.

Doug Kim

For this week’s #NotYourAverage Julie Young is joined by co-host Noah Oh as they hang out with Doug Kim – former World Series poker player now turned actor. From getting rejected from limited Asian American roles, Doug shares his story of how he took the road less traveled by funding his own series called Just Doug, giving him the freedom to be his own Korean American authentic self.

Jae Lee

In this episode of #NotYourAverage, Julie Young chats with Jae Lee – a Korean American chef based in New York with 12 years of culinary experience under his belt. From working unpaid as a budding cook to becoming executive chef of NYC Rice & Gold, Lee is now promoting his new pop up restaurant Him 힘 which was inspired by his family’s immigrant journey from Korea.

Jean Lee

For this episode of #NotYourAverage, Julie Young sits down with Jean Lee – a former magazine photographer and now artist agent representing professional photographers and stylists. From graduating art school to working for newspapers and magazines, Jean shares her story discovering a creative career she never even knew existed.

Joey Kim

In this episode of #NotYourAverage, model, Shadowbox instructor, and medical student Joey Kim sits down with Julie Young to talk about how he juggles his eclectic career paths. Kim also shares the origin story behind his unconventional journey, including how growing up without Asian American role models pushed him to use modeling to combat stereotypes.

Ellie Lee

In our latest #NotYourAverage episode, TV host and actress Ellie Lee takes Julie Young through the ups and downs of her journey as a woman of color in the media industry. Lee, now the digital host for iHeartRadio, opens about the hardest moments in her career, including her on-camera audition for VH1 and her emotional breakdown after “going back to nothing.”

Donnie Kwak
Donnie Kwak

In our latest installment of the Not Your Average series, host Julie Young sits down with Donnie Kwak, the East Coast Bureau Chief at The Ringer, an up-and-coming sports, pop culture, and tech website. He discusses growing up in Glenmont, Md., with immigrant parents — his mom an ESL teacher, his dad a foreign services officer for the U.S. government.

HeeSun Lee

HeeSun Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1983, and was adopted by a Chinese American family. You may have heard her rap on the Korean TV program Show Me the Money. Growing up as an adoptee, she felt stereotyped by other Koreans, which led her to write about what she was going through in her music. She shares how the experience shaped her journey in finding who she is.

Peter Chun

Peter Chun, formerly with YG, talks about how he became interested in the music industry in high school, what it’s like to be the bridge and oversee Korean artists in the US, and why the job isn’t as glamorous as it seems.

Justin Chon

Justin Chon, director of the film Gook, talks about why doing what you love is more important than leaving behind a legacy. He also shares why it was impossible to dream of being an actor while growing up as an Asian American. “I know what I’m capable of, which is so much more than what I’ve been allowed to do.”


Artist of “One Thing” Amerie sits down with Julie Young, and talks about her future music, how she was able to break into the music industry as a senior at Georgetown University, and why she can maintain a positive outlook on life.

Simon Kim

Paired with succulent visuals of prime steak, watch Julie Young and Simon Kim, restaurateur and owner of Cote, talk about the trials and triumphs of making it in the fine dining industry. “Never in a million years had I thought that I would get a Michelin star.”

Moul Kim

Moul Kim, owner of Keki Modern Cakes, which sells sensational jiggly cheesecake, talks about how traveling around Asia inspired him to open up his own dessert shop in Chinatown, NYC. Learn how his Korean grandparents helped him to come up with the name.

David Yi

“For me, you know, fashion wasn’t always about clothing, and fashion is never just about how you look. Fashion to me is transformative.” David Yi, founder of, talks about the importance of men’s beauty and makeup, and why fashion is more than just appearance.

Danny Chung

In a heartfelt and honest conversation on “Not Your Average,” host Julie Young and guest Danny Chung talk about the American dream, the complicated notion of family, and what it means to be a Korean American. He shares, “When you’re a hyphenated American, you tip-toe and you have to tight-rope between that hyphen of Korean and American.”

Chris Cho

Chris Cho, chef and owner of Seorabol Korean Restaurant, went from dropping out of high school to being featured in various media platforms for showcasing authentic Korean cuisine. Chris’ father has also worked as a chef and has over 40 years of experience; Chris credits his father as the one who empowers him to keep going.

Far East Movement, Part 2

Far East Movement cannot be contained in one video! In this second part of Not Your Average with Far East Movement, Kev Nish and Prohgress share more about their transition into behind-the-scenes work, and their vision to build infrastructure to support up-and-coming creatives.

Far East Movement, Part 1

In our latest Not Your Average videos, Julie Young sits down with 66% of Far East Movement, known for being the first Asian-American group to produce a number one hit single that topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart – the unforgettable “Like a G6”!

Raymond John

Julie Young sits down with Raymond John, CEO and co-founder of 12+, a non-profit organization that has a vision to “increase educational equity” by shifting school cultures and empowering students to achieve their goals of post-secondary education. Watch the video to learn how Raymond went from being a pre-med college student to becoming the CEO and co-founder of this awesome organization!

Esther Choi of Mokbar BK

Julie Young visits Esther Choi, Chef/Owner of Mokbar at Chelsea Market, to check out her new restaurant, Mokbar BK, in Brooklyn. Jaeki Cho joins Julie in a conversation with Esther and tasting of her food.

Hannah Bae

When you hear about an ice cream flavor that’s named “Sweet as Bae,” you might think that Hannah Bae, the ice cream maker and founder of Noona’s Ice Cream, is just as whimsical and fluffy. But this ice cream master is calm, grounded, and motivated by a deep sense of love and family.

YOX: Touring with the Wu-Tang

The YOX interview was so full of great stories that it was difficult to choose only a few…
here is a bonus clip on how Rick Lee, aka Lyricks, came to tour with the Wu-Tang Clan.


Year of the Ox (YOX) sit down with Julie Young and special host Awkwafina. This rap duo is comprised of Rick Lee, also known as Lyricks, and John Lee, also known as JL. John talks about how he was first exposed to hip-hop, and Rick talks about navigating different parts of his identity: Korean vs. American, “Christian” life vs. being real.

Diane Kang

Diane Kang, Masterchef Korea finalist and vlogger, speaks with Julie Young on how her vlog is “an ode to [her] mother.” Diane started the “A Korean Girl Eats” vlog with the simple intention of sharing Korean food with others, but it ended up becoming a catalyst for unexpected opportunities.

Sung Lee

Julie Young sits down with beatboxer Sung Lee, a Not Your Average Korean-American. He chats with her on making a full-time career out of his art after winning first place at Amateur Night at the Apollo in 2014 and participating in other competitions and showcases.

Rob Lim

Rob Lim, skateboarder and head designer of fashion label Saturdays NYC, talks to Julie Young about growing up in Texas and California, fully realizing his Korean identity, getting into skateboarding, and his parents’ separation.

Hooni Kim

Chef Hooni Kim (of restaurants Hanjan and Danji in NYC) talks with Julie Young on winning a Michelin star, striving to please customers first, leaving medical school to become a chef with the support of his wife, and more.

Charlotte & David Cho

Julie chats with Charlotte & David Cho, co-founders of the online K-beauty shop Soko Glam. The couple shares about their life prior to starting their successful business, their passion for bringing Korean beauty and skincare products to mainstream America, and Charlotte’s book The Little Book of Skin Care.

Phil Yu

In this installment of Not Your Average, Julie Young sits down with Phil Yu, founder of popular blog Angry Asian Man. Among the many things they discuss, Phil dishes on his love for movies, the origin behind his now 15 year-old blog, and items on his bucket list.


Julie Young and Nina Lee (the daughter of founder HJ Lee) sit down with rapper and actress Awkwafina at Maru Karaoke Lounge in New York. Awkwafina, or Nora Lum, born to a Chinese-American father and a Korean mother, talks about losing her mother at a young age, her grandparents, her acting career, her passion for making music, and more.

Eddie Song of Korilla

Julie and Rekstizzy sit down with Eddie Song, founder of Korilla, New York’s first Korean BBQ truck. The proud owner shares on Korilla’s inception and his personal background & aspirations.

Esther Choi of Mokbar

Julie takes rapper Rekstizzy and her cousin August to Mokbar (먹바)—a hot spot for modern Korean cuisine located in New York’s Chelsea Market—where they meet chef and owner Esther Choi.


In this “Not Your Average” episode, Julie interviews Jonathan Park, aka Dumbfoundead, who was born in Buenos Aires to Korean immigrants, smuggled into Mexico, and raised in K-town LA. Dumbfoundead is a Korean-American hip-hop artist who has gained wide international recognition. Nearly 400K YouTube fans from all over the globe are hooked on Dumbfoundead’s hip-hop music and lifestyle.

Jaeki Cho

In our first “Not Your Average” video, Julie Young interviews Jaeki Cho, a Korean American hip hop artist based in Flushing, NY. Jaeki was born in Korea, grew up in Nanjing, China, and immigrated to the US—first to Seattle, later to Elmhurst, New York. Jaeki discusses hip hop, rapping in Korean, and his documentary about Asian American rappers titled “Bad Rap”.


“Not Your Average” is a new video series in which Julie Young has a conversation with people who are not your average Korean-Americans. In this episode, Julie interviews Jonathan Park, aka Dumbfoundead, who was born in Buenos Aires to Korean immigrants, smuggled into Mexico, and raised in K-town LA. Dumbfoundead is a Korean-American hip-hop artist who has gained wide international recognition. Nearly 400K YouTube fans from all over the globe are hooked on Dumbfoundead’s hip-hop music and lifestyle.

Also known as Jonathan Park, DFD, Dumb, or Parker, rapper Dumbfoundead delivers his comedic rhymes in an effortless style, a combination that served him well while on the MC battle circuit. He is known for his affiliation with Los Angeles-based hip-hop collective Project Blowed. He has participated in the West Coast division of rap battle league, Grind Time, and in Jumpoff’s 2007 World Rap Championships; both of which gave rise to his strong web presence. He was a member of the hip hop trio Thirsty Fish and Los Angeles battle crew Swim Team.

He made his official debut on album in 2011 when he released DFD on his own Dumbfoundead label. In 2012, he joined Breezy Love Joy on a tour of America and released his second album, Take the Stare. Dumbfoundead’s latest album Old Boy Jon, named after his favorite movie, Old Boy by the Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook, was released in 2013.