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2017 was an extraordinary year for KAS. Here’s a look back at some of our highlights from last year.

Call Taxi

Jason gets in a Korean taxi to catch a 6:30 AM flight from JFK. To his surprise, his father is the driver. The father makes an unwelcomed pit stop at a 24-hour Korean supermarket to buy snacks for Jason. When the father and son get back in the car, the car fails to start. A conversation that should have happened years ago, occurs between the two men.

3 Generations Visit Korea

What would it be like for 3 generations to travel together in Korea? Walk through one family’s journey of discovering and revisiting where they come from, while passing through the natural landscapes of the countryside and modern city of Seoul.

K-Town Stories: Flushing Trailer

In this trailer of K-Town Stories: Flushing, the directors Peter Lee and Julian Kim talk about the importance of preserving the stories of our community.

K-Town Stories: Flushing – Homework

Newly immigrated from Korea and unable to read or speak English, a mother wanders around the streets of Flushing with her young son in order to find someone who can explain his homework.

In partnership with Swallowtail Studios, founded by Julian Kim and Peter Lee, will produce a series of films which depict the lives of Korean Americans in Koreatowns around the country.

Homework is one out of three short films in the K-Town Stories: Flushing trilogy.

To My People

Born in New Jersey, Deborah Kim grew up in Staten Island but frequently visited Korea since she was a child—forming a multicultural identity that made her feel like an outsider in both societies. At a young age, she began experimenting with spoken word poetry after discovering Def Poetry Jam on YouTube. Now currently training to become a professional dancer, Deborah will be moving to Korea in 2016 to teach English while studying ballet and breaking but hopes to continue using spoken word and dance as a way to tell stories that reflect on relationships, social boundaries, and identity.

The Importance of Storytelling

Jannie Chung explains why she shares her story with others—sentiments that capture the essence of our organization.

Best Day Ever

The Mental Health Channel presents this short documentary film on 26 year-old Grace Kim’s battle with depression & suicidal thoughts and the unique project she undertook in her journey to overcome her mental illness.

About Us

This video premiered at the 5 Year Anniversary Gala where’s Trailblazer Awards were given to Sandra Oh, Jonathan “Dumbfoundead” Park and Thomas Park Clement. This is a good introductory video about

Where Are You Going, Thomas?: The Journey of a Korean War Orphan

This is the story of Thomas Park Clement, an abandoned bi-racial Korean War orphan, who was adopted by a white American family in 1958. He overcame many obstacles to become a successful entrepreneur and a humanitarian.

Introspective with Dan Choi

In this film Dan reflects on his journey as an activist as well as a gay man seeking acceptance from his mother and father who are conservative Christians. His father is a Southern Baptist minister in California. Dan talks openly about the challenges of being a full time activist, the emotional and mental toll which has resulted in him being hospitalized for mental health treatment, and the Christian values that enabled him to get through the difficult times even as he felt abandoned and ostracized by the Christian community in which he grew up.

Korean American Story at Millions March NYC participated in the #MillionsMarchNYC on December 13th, 2014 at Washington Square Park. We took the opportunity to seek out other Asian Americans who were at the demonstration and asked them why they were there. #BlackLivesMatter

Choi Family
The Choi Family

“The Choi Family” is a fictionalized account of the family, whose last name is “Cho”, and the events surrounding them after the Virginia Tech massacre.

Documentary of Democracy Prep Charter School

Democracy Prep is a charter school based in Harlem which is attended mostly by African American and Hispanic students. One unique aspect of Democracy Prep High School is that all students are required to take classes in Korean language and culture. In this video, we explore the perspectives of the school’s founder, Seth Andrew, its teachers and students.

The Great Korean American Divide

A short documentary following Korean American individuals, whose lives present factors that create generational differences, and a possible way to bridge the gap.

harmonie cover photo
Harmonie’s Story

This is a video I made about my mom for my two quappa (quarter Korean) kids. It sums up that special relationship between a Korean grandma and her grandkids. The central figure is Grandmother…and yes, I know I spelled Halmoni wrong but that is just how we roll with it in our family. Harmonie fits our multiracial family better since it is close to “harmony” which is a combination of things that are pleasant together – that’s us!

KOKO Magazine Event
Stories from Koko Living’s Night at the Rooftop recorded stories of Korean Americans at the KoKo Living Magazine’s “Night at the Rooftop” event on October, 21, 2011.

Corona Senior Center of Korean Community Services

In this video piece, Kimberly So Jin Kim of provides a glimpse of the Corona Senior Center, a service that is run by the Korean Community Services of New York ( to meet the staff members, volunteers and the elderly Korean-Americans who utilize their services.

Heard ‘Em All by Ameriie

Ameriie is a popular Grammy nominated singer who is half Korean and half black, and this music video is a companion piece to the Profile of Ameriie written by Julie Young.

gowe_photo I Wonder
I Wonder

“Ever since I discovered that I was adopted (at the age of 18), I’ve always wanted to write a song that captured my experience and gratitude toward my biological mother.

paull shin square
Senator Paull Shin’s Speech at KACF Fundraiser

This 2 part video is a speech that was given by the Senator Paull Shin of Washington State at the Korean American Community Foundation’s (KACF) 5th Annual Gala in October, 2010.

Move the Crowd

A documentary following the lives of two hip-hop Korean American artists, Sarah “Skim” Kim and Jonathan “Dumbfoundead” Park. There are some good performances by these artists about 10 minutes into the video. This documentary was produced and directed by Reed Nakamura.

Chicken Man Thumbnail Image
Chicken Man

This moving documentary follows the life of Chris Hwang, a Korean-American pastor known affectionately by the homeless he serves as “Chicken Man”.  Produced and directed by Mi Jung Youm and Jason Shutt.

god is good thumbnail image
God is Good

This film is based on a true story written by Dennis Lee and directed by Caryn Waechter. It is a tragic story of a Korean-American family in the 1970’s.

Korean-American Mosaic: Portraits of a Vibrant Community

Korean-American Mosaic: Portraits of a Vibrant Community captures 100 years of Korean-American immigration history.

I Wonder

Original music video by Gowe – “I Wonder” Featuring Erin Kim

“Ever since I discovered that I was adopted (at the age of 18), I’ve always wanted to write a song that captured my experience and gratitude toward my biological mother.  My hope is that this will one day reach my biological mother so that I could meet her. In a way, I feel like this is symbolically my ‘message in a bottle’ that I am casting into the ocean. Any help in sharing the video via Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Myspace with your friends & family would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you to everyone who was involved in the making of this video and for everyone who has helped me share this. God is good and I am truly blessed!” – Gowe


Verse 1
Her mind was confused with a plus at the tip of the tube
Sick as she threw up with a cup take a sip of abuse
So she gets nervous cause her man left her
After the sex and he jets she thought that he loved her
You see shes 18, and shes a bit conscious
About her dress and the reflection of her own image
Timid in speech, shes limited given a week
With her tummy blowing up so that people can see
But she decides to keep it, said no to abortion
The feet kicks in her stomach comes without a warning
She feels the pain though, cause her parents cry
And the shame eats her alive when she closed her eyes
Then the day comes, she gives birth to a son
Kim Sung-Hoon, soon she holds and kisses her love
Wishing it never ended, taking a mental picture
Hoping through her tears that her son would have a better future

I wonder if theres a smile on your face
Sometimes I miss you and long for your embrace
I never could thank you, enough for holding on
Dear mama mama mama, forever, I’ll hold you in my heart

Verse 2
So she wonders, what happened to her son next
Is there clothes on his back, food on his plate whats the context
The recollection of the day replays in her mindset
And the ways she would try but just never could forget
Well he’s okay, and he resides in the states
A needle in space in which rain makes it a beautiful place
Embraced by the culture and he’s loved by all the members
Until he turns 18 and his world get flipped
He hears that his mom is not actually his and that complications
Prevented her from having any kids and his real mom
Is actually Korean and she had, to give him up for adoption
Cause she was young and was a student
Lost and was confused and, wrestling in the moment
Am I Chinese or Korean? Am I destined in this union?
And if I am what’s the purpose? I jot it in my verses
So I replay it in my mind as I think about you

I wonder if theres a smile on your face
Sometimes I miss you and long for your embrace
I never could thank you, enough for holding on
Dear mama mama mama, forever, I’ll hold you in my heart

Verse 3
If I could write a letter, and know that you would read it
I would tell you that I never once in my heart felt hatred
Reinstated I would play a song and dance with you
Hold your hand as I thank the Lord for creating you
As strong as you are cause in my mind I can’t fathom
The pain and the guilt when all you heard was their gossip
And still you stuck through it, when they called you foolish
And with this gift that I possess your probably loved music
I hope you’re doing well, I hope some day you’ll see this
I hope I mean I really hope that you know Jesus on a deeper level
Seeking just to know Him better, I hope in perfect timing we can
See the reason clearer, I hope you’re smiling now
I hope I cross your mind, I hope you never second guess
If what you did was right, cause I’m so proud of you
I love and admire you, so after all these years this is my way of telling you

Chorus (2X)
I wonder if theres a smile on your face
Sometimes I miss you and long for your embrace
I never could thank you, enough for holding on
Dear mama mama mama, forever, I’ll hold you in my heart

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gowe_photoGowe is a hip hop artist from Seattle Washington who brings something new to the table. Gowe believes that music is a great medium that can connect people of all different backgrounds and beliefs. He is not afraid to push the boundaries of hip hop while remaining pure to his lyrical complexity and staying true to himself as a person.

Youtube – Http://
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Artist – Gowe Feat. Erin Kim
Beat produced by – Nitro Fresh
Directed by – Moses Olson
Director of Photography & Post Production – Ed Park (
Assistant DP – Dan Fisher (
Post Audio – Derrick Espino
Song Engineered by – Travis-Atreo
Lead Talent – Esther Lee
Talent – John Wu, Narea Kang, Paulina Laurant, Henry Mark, Toyoko Kanari
Set Designer – Jennifer Asmundson
Make Up Artist – Janice Pak
Production Assistant – Michael Kang

Special thanks to – Royale Agency, Thach Real Estate Group, Kent Hill Grocery.