Korean Radio Broadcasting, in partnership with KoreanAmericanstory.org, invites unique voices in the Korean-American community for this bi-lingual podcast

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KRB Podcast: Angie Kim

In this month’s KoreanAmericanStory on KRB 87.7 FM, Angie Kim, Community Organizing Fellow at Minkwon Center for Community Action, talks about her experience as a DACA Dreamer and her involvement in advocacy for young immigrants.

KRB Podcast: Jimmy Lee

In this month’s KoreanAmericanStory on KRB 87.7 FM, Executive Director of Restore NYC, Jimmy Lee, talks about his personal journey of passion, faith and social change, starting from working on Wall Street, discovering a need to help women with AIDS in Africa, and coming back to the U.S. to start an NGO that brings shelter and aid to sex-trafficking victims in New York.

KRB Podcast: Charles & Victoria Thompson

In this month’s KoreanAmericanStory on 87.7 FM, Doogaji creators Charles and Victoria Thompson talk about the importance of bicultural identity, and how their books are meant to instill this value in Korean American children.

KRB Podcast: Jeannie Park

In this month’s KoreanAmericanStory with KRB 87.7 FM, Jeannie Park, founding president of AAJA-NY and a former executive editor of People Magazine, shares about her childhood in Cincinnati, Ohio, and how she broke into an exciting career in journalism.

KRB Podcast: Pauline Park

In this month’s KoreanAmericanStory, partnered with KRB 87.7 FM, Pauline Park, a New York City-based LGBT and transgender rights activist, shares how she overcame multiple identity complexes through different stages of life as a transgender Korean American adoptee, and talks about the work she currently does with Queens Pride House and New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy.

KRB Podcast: Agnes Ahn

In this week’s episode of KoreanAmericanStory with KRB 87.7. FM, retired OB-GYN Dr. Agnes Ahn talks about her mission: to teach accurate Korean history to K-12 teachers in Massachusetts. Through “Korea Studies” workshops, she has reached over 1500 students who have now learned the true history of Korea.

KRB Podcast: Karen Lee

In this week’s episode of KoreanAmericanStory with KRB 87.7. FM, Karen Lee, reporter at News 12 New Jersey, talks about her journey to become the reporter she is today. She also highlights the power of media to raise awareness about issues and to mobilize people to provide solutions.

KRB Podcast: Kyung Yoon

In this week’s KoreanAmericanStory with KRB 87.7 FM, Kyung B. Yoon, Executive Director and co-founder of KACF, talks about how to advance as a Korean American community by a new definition of success.

KRB Podcast: Matthew Oh

In this week’s episode of KoreanAmericanStory with KRB 87.7. FM, Matthew Oh, founder of FOREFRONT, talks about how he started the organization to develop sustainable communities in India with his background in water engineering and passion to help people.