The Korean Peninsula continues to suffer from an unresolved state of war. Nowhere is the human impact of conflict more apparent than in the separation of families, including Korean Americans. Letters to My Hometown seeks to collect messages from elderly Korean Americans across the United States to their relatives in North Korea, from whom they have been separated for over seventy years. The project is a partnership between Divided Families USA and Korean American Story with sponsorship by the American Friends Service Committee. DFUSA is an organization dedicated to facilitating closure for elderly Korean Americans who have been separated from their family members in North Korea.  

The Letters to My Hometown Project not only aims to provide a platform for closure and healing but also raises awareness about the memories of the Korean War and the urgent need to reunite divided families. With time running out for families on both sides of the border and in the diaspora, participating in this project helps to convey the lived experiences of separated family members. It emphasizes the profound impact of the division of the Korean Peninsula and the Korean War on current and future generations. If you’d like to share the story of your divided family, please reach out to