LA ROAR Story Slam 2020: Photos & Videos

1st Place Winner

Finalists: Kyle Chang, MJ Kang, Alexander Jun, Lowell Rojon, Sora Seung-Hyun Chung, Minzi
Judges: Phil Yu, Minji Chang, Ien Chi, Amanda Suk, Kyung B. Yoon
Emcee: Ellie Lee
Performer: Year of the Ox

Videographer: Janice Chung
2nd Videographer: Jeremy Kahng
3rd Videographer: Joy Kim
Editor: Aj Valente


Alexander Jun

Alexander Jun is a Professor of Higher Education at Azusa Pacific University. He is an author of several books and articles on race and racism in American universities as well as churches. He is a Presbyterian elder at his local church in southern California, is married, and has three teenagers.

Sora Seung-Hyun Chung

Sora Seung-Hyun Chung (he/him/his) is a Busan-born, OC-raised youngster trying to become a dramatist, actor, and interpreter for Korean, English, and Japanese. He gave himself the name “Sora” because he really likes the waterbird called sora and the word also feels quite soft and fluffy to him. Before embarking on his wildly unstable creative aspirations, he worked as a kindergarten English teacher in rural Japan.

Lowell Rojon

Lowell Rojon, born Shin Sung Ho in Paju Korea in 1955 was adopted in 1957, and raised in southern California. Lowell moved to northern California in 1976 and majored in design, film, and video from California College of Arts & Crafts. He also does martial arts, voice acting, and is a member of a funky, tribal, world music group called “OJOLO”.


Minzi is an artist who lives in Los Angeles.

Kyle Chang

Kyle Chang is a Korean American transracial adoptee, husband, and UX designer based in Dallas, Texas. His experiences growing up uncomfortable in the Midwest inform his sense of humor and justice. He believes that summer camps, going away to college, and studying abroad are essential experiences for cultivating comprehensive self-love.

M.J. Kang

M.J. Kang is a playwright, actress, stand up comic, and improvisor based in Los Angeles. She’s currently studying at Groundlings, UCB, Westside Comedy Theater and Impro Theater. Thank you to her husband, Oren, daughter Mia, her two sisters and her grandfather whom she knows is watching after her.

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