Annual Gala 2018

Trailblazer Honoree

Thank you to all who came to support us, and to those who donated their time and money. The stories that were shared created a magical evening.

We thank our honorees, Tereza Lee, Joon H. Kim and Diana Son, who shared their wonderful stories. We give our heartfelt thanks to the Story Slam performers, Anthony Luckett and David Choi, who moved us to laugh and cry.

Click here for photos from our Gala.


Tereza Lee

Tereza Lee is known as the “Original Dreamer.” In 2001 Senator Dick Durbin wrote the original DREAM act specifically for Tereza. She is a gifted pianist and an activist fighting for the rights of the undocumented immigrant community. Introduction by Tony Choi.

Joon H. Kim

Joon H. Kim is an illustrious attorney who served as the Acting US Attorney for the Southern District of New York when he replaced Preet Bharara, making him the highest ranking Korean American prosecutor. Introduction by Ed Kim.

Diana Son

Diana Son is the most successful Asian American writer/producer/showrunner with a nearly 20-year long career in television including two Emmy nominations. She is also an accomplished and award-winning playwright whose plays have been translated into many languages and are performed all over the world. Introduction by Sandra Oh.

Anthony Luckett

2017 ROAR Story Slam Spoken Word Category winner, Anthony Luckett, performs his moving piece about being Black and Korean at our 8th annual #KAS Gala.

David Choi

2017 ROAR Story Slam Narrative Category winner, David Choi, performs "Learning How to Say I Love You," an emotional account about "speaking Korean American," being at the intersections of LGBTQ, Korean American, and mental health at the 2018 KAS Gala.