Support Korean American Businesses

This has truly been an incredibly strange and difficult time all around the world due to COVID-19. While some of us have been fortunate enough to take paid time off or work digitally, many are not as privileged. Countless numbers of small businesses and organizations have been suffering from having to lay off employees, reduce hours, and eventually having to close with no guarantee of returning.

In an effort to support our Korean American community, our staff has set up a list of Korean American owned businesses indicating their current status and ways to support them. If you know any businesses in your local area needing help, please email covid@koreanamericanstory.org with the following details:

      • – Name
      • – Address
      • – Phone Number
      • – Email
      • – Website
      • – Take out available?
      • – Delivery available?
      • – Gift cards/vouchers available?
      • – GoFundMe link?
      • – Status of your brick and mortar store? (Open or closed)
      • – Etc (to indicate any special announcements)

As we try to continue to find ways to further support our Korean American community, please stay tuned for our regular content and any updates. Please stay healthy, positive, and united throughout this difficult time! We’ve got this and we’ve got each other.