Roar Story Slam


The ROAR Story Slam is a live storytelling competition held in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago where 6 finalists, who have been specially selected from our submission pool, will perform on stage presenting their unique, creative, and authentic Korean American story for a chance to win a cash prize of up to $1,000. Each finalist will have no more than six minutes to tell their stories, without the use of scripts nor props. A panel of distinguished judges will watch and score each performance, and announce the winners at the end of the event. Our goals are to encourage Korean Americans to recognize the significance and range of our community’s narratives, to document and preserve them and to showcase them for the community and the public beyond.



Entrants must be at least 18 years of age. All entries must be in English. Any Korean or other language used must be translated. There is no entry fee. Finalists must be available to compete in person at the live ROAR Story Slam event location that they registered for. At the ROAR live finals, stories must be told without scripts or props at a standing microphone. All finalists must agree to sign a waiver allowing the use of the live competition video by

How to enter

Stories must be personal and true as remembered. Submissions must in some way involve being Korean American, but may be about the extraordinary or the ordinary, tragic or funny, heavy or light. Styles may vary and creativity is encouraged, but props are not allowed. To enter, please submit a video of yourself telling your story no longer than 6 minutes.

Roar Story Slams

LA ROAR Story Slam 2020: Photos & Videos

Finalists: Kyle Chang, MJ Kang, Alexander Jun, Lowell Rojon, Sora Seung-Hyun Chung, Minzi. Judges: Phil Yu, Minji Chang, Ien Chi, Amanda Suk, Kyung B. Yoon. Emcee: Ellie Lee. Performer: Year of the Ox

LA ROAR Story Slam 2020

The LA Story Slam, hosted by Ellie Lee, will feature a musical performance by Year of the OX and six storytelling finalists will be competing live for cash awards with a distinguished panel of judges.

Chicago ROAR Story Slam 2019: Photos & Videos

Six fantastic storytelling contestants [Stephanie Kim, Sam Yu, Cassie Chee, Deb Kim, Steve Han, Kris Kim] competed at our first Chicago ROAR Story Slam. Panel of Judges: David Rhee, Sue Pak, Ji-Yeon Yuh, Jin Kim, Kathy Im. Emcee: Mia Park. Performer: Eunji Kim

Chicago ROAR Story Slam 2019

The Chicago Story Slam, hosted by Mia Park, will feature a comedy set by Eunji Kim and six storytelling finalists will be competing live for cash awards with a distinguished panel of judges,

LA ROAR Story Slam 2019: Photos & Videos

We had an amazing time at our second ROAR Story Slam of the year held in Los Angeles. Special thank you to all our judges (Roy Choi, Doug Kim, Minji Chang, Eric Kim, and Sandra Kang), our host Lyricks, music artist Rekstizzy, story coach Sheila Traister, our volunteers, and planning committee for making the night possible.

LA ROAR Story Slam 2019

The LA Story Slam will be hosted by rapper Lyricks from YOX, feature a musical performance by rapper Rekstizzy and six storytelling finalists will be competing live for cash awards.