Not Your Average: Far East Movement, Parts 1 & 2

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In our latest Not Your Average videos, Julie Young sits down with 66% of Far East Movement, known for being the first Asian-American group to produce a number one hit single that topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart – the unforgettable “Like a G6”!

Kev Nish and Prohgress discuss their latest album “Identity,” how they came to pursue music, and why community is crucial. They reflect on how they overcame the identity crisis of being “too Asian,” and how they learned to own who they are. In the words of Snoop: “You guys don’t really have a genre, you’re just your own selves.”

Far East Movement cannot be contained in one video! In this second part of Not Your Average with Far East Movement, Kev Nish and Prohgress share more about their transition into behind-the-scenes work, and their vision to build infrastructure to support up-and-coming creatives.

What does that look like? They partnered with Wong Fu Productions to create International Secret Agents- to create a community of and for Asian American creatives. YES!