Legacy Project Video: Ms. Jwa Kyung Shin

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Jwa Kyung Shin was born in 1914 in Korea. She was 100 years old at the time of the interview. She is the mother of Dr. Kang P. Lee whose Legacy Project video is here: koreanamericanstory.org/portfolio_page/legacy-project-video-kang-p-lee/

She survived the Japanese Colonialism and the Korean War, despite the fact that her husband was kidnapped by the North Koreans, leaving her with 6 young children. Despite her overwhelming sense of helplessness, she managed to survive and all of her children graduated from college, some of her children graduated from Seoul National University, and Dr. Kang Lee, her eldest son, received his PhD from MIT and went on to become a successful scientist and an entrepreneur.

Ms. Shin remembers her grandfather, a self-made man who amassed enormous wealth then used these funds to start a school for children, invite a Christian missionary into his village to start a church, and hold educational sessions to villagers to teach them how to lead a better life. She credits 6 generation of Christian faith which allowed them to live with thankfulness despite seemingly insurmountable challenges.