Legacy Project Video: Sulja Warnick

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Sulja Lee was born in Japan in 1942 during WWII and her family moved back to Korea after Korean independence from Japan in 1945. She married Fred Warnick, a Jewish man from the US, at a time when mixed race marriages were not common. Her two daughters were born and raised in Korea, but immigrated to the US when they were toddlers. Her daughters, Gina Warnick Coletti became an accomplished violist, and Angela Warnick Buchdahl recently became the Senior Rabbi of the Central Synagogue in New York City.

In this Legacy Project video, Sulja Warnick reflects on her childhood in Korea, influence of her parents, her desire to explore worlds outside of Korea, marrying a Jewish man and moving to the US, and raising their children with encouragement to “pick and choose” the best out of Korean and Jewish cultures.