Legacy Project: Doug Kim

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Doug Kim was born in 1956 in Minnesota. As a youngster growing up in the Mid-West he was frequently bullied by his peers for being Asian and was at a loss understanding how he was different (than Chinese or Japanese)… or why anyone should take pride in being Korean American.

Thankfully a course in college exposed him to the rich traditions and roots of Korean history and culture which began a life-long pursuit to better know his Korean identity. He went on to teach Korean American Studies at San Francisco State University and has served as Director of SaeJong Camp – a Korean heritage summer camp in Michigan – for 17 of its 44 years.

“To know where we come from; to know the adversities that our ancestors faced; that blood flows in us. That is a huge source of strength.”

SaeJong Camp website: https://www.saejongcamp.org/

SaeJong Camp story on Michigan Public Radio: http://bit.ly/2kRnj3B

Doug’s personal blog on enlightened Asian American parenting: http://wisedragonfather.com/