Korean Hot Sauce in Minneapolis | Day in the Life | Six Feet Apart

KC Kye is the founder of K-Mama Sauce, a Korean hot sauce company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. KC initially was preparing to go into ministry but pivoted into starting a business after a conversation with his mentor and pastor, Reverend Dr. Jin.  Like many small businesses, KC and his team faced challenges and had to adapt to new rules and restrictions due to COVID-19. KC has found much love and support from his church and hopes that K-Mama Sauce will continue to grow to support the greater Minneapolis community.

K-Mama Sauce
KC Kye

Producers: Jessica Park, KC Kye
Videographer: KC Kye, Nari Kye, Isaac Sandborn
Editor/Art Design: Kimberly Young Sun http://www.kimberlyyoungsun.com
Motion Designer: AJ Valente https://ajyval.myportfolio.com

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