Korean-American Mosaic: Portraits of a Vibrant Community

Korean-American Mosaic: Portraits of a Vibrant Community captures 100 years of Korean-American immigration history.

Topics include the immigration of plantation workers to Hawaii, the Korean independence movement, the 1965 Immigration Act, the growth of Koreatowns and the Los Angeles riots.

The video incorporates interviews with many prominent Korean-American scholars, religious and civic leaders: Susan Ahn Cuddy, daughter of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho and the first Asian-American in the US Navy, Dr. Sammy Lee, Korean-American diver who won Olympic Gold medals in 1948 and 1952, Judge Tammy Chung Ryu of the Superior Court of California, Grace Yoo of the Korean American Coalition, and many others. The video ends with advice from Susan Ahn Cuddy: “Be good Americans but don’t forget your heritage.”

This was a video produced by the Network of Korean-American Leaders (NetKAL) at the USC School of Social Work, and KoreanAmericanStory.org is using the video with their permission.