I Need The Sun Too

by: Christine Yi Suh

I see you,
Glaring at me
Shoulders clenched,
Teeth grimacing

My yellow skin
Slanted eyes,
Black hair
Give me away

You believed
When they said
I’m dangerous
The one to blame

Anger was easier
Than grieving
Blame simpler
Than aching, seeking

You scream, “Go back!”
But if I go home
I can’t see the sun today

And I need the sun too.

Sisters and brothers—
Do you see the sun?
Shining down on us
Calling us out to play

Rays of Light sing, “Come out!
“You are good, very good.
I made you for this light.

Your golden skin
Shimmering eyes
Flowing hair
Born from
Generations of dreams

Braided together in
Hope, resistance
Strength and love

Sisters and brothers
The sun also belongs to you.
You are home.  


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