Annual Benefit 2013

Storyteller’s Third Annual Benefit “Live Storytelling”, took place on Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 at the Central Park Boathouse. Our special Storytellers Eugenia Kim and Milton Washington, wowed the audience with their captivating storytelling performances.  The evening was filled with inspirational and emotional stories and the power of authentic narrative was evident.

We thank all the planning committee members: Yoon Lee Perera, John Limb, Julie Young, Mark Lee, John Kwon, Helen Lee, Jayne Hopps, Yuliana Kim-Grant and Theresa Choh-Lee.  We extend our sincere thanks to all attendees, donors and those who participated in the auctions.  A special thanks to our Live Auction donors: Jayne Hopps, Yuliana & Jay Grant, Stephanie Lee and our special surprise guest, Marja Vongerichten, who donated 2 packages of a night out with Marja, which was a huge hit with the auction crowd!

Thank you Nathan Hale Williams for lending your considerable personality and talent to be our auctioneer once again!  To all the auction winners: Thank you for bidding generously!  Finally to Jayne Hopps, John Limb, Agnes Ahn, Marja Vongerichten, John C. Kim, JW Lee and John Kwon who together donated over $10,000 to enable us to purchase new video recording and editing equipment: Thank you!

We also extend a warm thanks to JuJu Chang, who was gracious enough to make time in her busy schedule to join us and introduced our storytellers!

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Eugenia Kim

This video is a recording of Eugenia Kim telling her story at's 2013 Annual Benefit. She shares an eerie story about the dreams her mother used to have. JuJu Chang introduces Eugenia.

Milton Washington

This video is a recording of the story Milton Washington told at's 2013 Annual Benefit. He remembers how he "adopted" the Washington family from an orphanage in Korea. Introduction by JuJu Chang.