Day In the Life of a Parent During Covid | Six Feet Apart

Julian Kim is an editor, producer, filmmaker, and father of Ian, his 20-month-old son. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many families have experienced a dramatic change within their household when it comes to parenting, especially for those with young children. Balancing work-from-home as well as child care has presented many new challenges for Julian but has also been unique blessings as well. Julian takes us through a day in his life adjusting to these changes and shares the challenges of trying to teach his son about what is going on in the world around him.

About Julian Kim: Julian is the director and writer of Happy Cleaners, a film following the Choi family and their struggling dry cleaning business in Queens, NY. http://happycleanersfilm.com

Producer: Julian Kim https://www.instagram.com/julian_pg
Special Thanks: Yoomi Shin, Peter S. Lee
Art Design: Kimberly Young Sun http://www.kimberlyyoungsun.com
Motion Design: Aj Valente http://www.ajyval.myportfolio.com

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