Chicago Riots and Community Efforts | Perilla Diaries | Ep. 4

“I don’t know. It’s hard to be optimistic right now but when you have people around you that are just as determined, just as passionate, and just as hardworking – it made this process much more bearable than if we were alone.” Thomas and Andrew have been brainstorming ways to support fellow restaurant owners during the current food industry slump. While reaching out to other owners, the duo has seen incredible support and encouragement from friends and family who have been volunteering their time and resources at Perilla. Late May, Downtown Chicago took an unexpected hit from the protests that followed the murder of George Floyd. When things started to get violent near Perilla, Thomas and Andrew were left trying to figure out what to do next. With concerns for the safety of their staff in mind, they subsequently paused delivery services and boarded up the restaurant’s windows for protection.

Perilla | Korean American Fare
Andrew Lim @andrewjlim
Thomas Oh @tomoh44

Videographer: Daniel Kwon http://danielkwon.org
Art Design: Kimberly Young Sun
Editor & Motion Design: Aj Valente

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