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Documentary of Democracy Prep Charter School

Film & Original | video

Democracy Prep is a charter school based in Harlem which is attended mostly by African American and Hispanic students. One unique aspect of Democracy Prep High School is that all students are required to take classes in Korean language and culture. In this video, we explore the perspectives of the school’s founder, Seth Andrew, its teachers and students.

NAYA: David Kim

NAYA | video

Meet classical violinist David Kim. A child prodigy since the age of six, David fiercely trained to be a world-class violinist under his mother’s intense supervision. In this first installment of NAYA, David graciously invites us to his home and the music hall where we explore his passion for music and the journey that led him to become the concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra. NAYA (나야), produced by, is a mini-documentary series that paints vivid, visual stories of unique Korean American individuals and passion for their craft.


AJ Valente

Legacy Project | video

AJ Valente is a freelance digital designer who has worked with since 2016

LA ROAR Story Slam 2020

Roar Story Slam | event

The LA Story Slam, hosted by Ellie Lee, will feature a musical performance by Year of the OX and six storytelling finalists will be competing live for cash awards with a distinguished panel of judges.

Chicago ROAR Story Slam 2019

Roar Story Slam | event

The Chicago Story Slam, hosted by Mia Park, will feature a comedy set by Eunji Kim and six storytelling finalists will be competing live for cash awards with a distinguished panel of judges,

LA ROAR Story Slam 2019

Roar Story Slam | event

The LA Story Slam will be hosted by rapper Lyricks from YOX, feature a musical performance by rapper Rekstizzy and six storytelling finalists will be competing live for cash awards.

NYC ROAR Story Slam 2019

Roar Story Slam | event

The NYC Story Slam will be hosted by TV/Film Actor Daniel K. Isaac, feature a musical performance by hip hop artist HeeSun Lee and five storytelling finalists will be competing live for cash awards.

Ta Bom: Los Angeles’ Women-Owned Korean Brazilian Food Truck

Profiles | written

When Ilse Marques Kim, a former model from Brazil, was laid off from Korea Air’s cargo department at LAX, she struggled to find work for over a year.

Separated @ Birth: A True Love Story of Twin Sisters Reunited, by Anaïs Bordier and Samantha Futerman

Book Reviews | written

A friend of a Korean adoptee finds a photo on Facebook of a girl who could be her double.

KRB Podcast: Pearl Park

Korean Radio Broadcasting | podcast

In this week’s Korean American Story with KRB 87.7 FM, documentary filmmaker Pearl Park talks about mental illness, and shares about her recent work Can, which features a Vietnamese-American man and his battle with bipolar disorder.

KRB Podcast: Jaeki Cho

Korean Radio Broadcasting | podcast

For this week’s Korean American Story, Jaeki Cho, co-producer of the hip-hop documentary Bad Rap, talks to hosts and audience of KRB (87.7 FM) about what life was like growing up in Queens, NY, his own experience working in a creative field, and the challenges Asian Americans face in the music industry.

Koreans & Camptowns: Reflections of a Mixed-Race Korean

Articles | written

This past September in Berkeley, California, I opened the doors to the David Brower Center, slightly nervous and excited, I stepped into a room filled with mixed-race Korean Americans attending the one-day Koreans and Camptowns Conference. Even though I grew up with my biological parents, I still carry the scars—physical and emotional—from being ostracized and bullied for looking different from the other children in my bucolic California communities. Many of the people attending the conference were Korean adoptees (KADs) who had even more reason to search through crowds to find someone who resembled them. Not only were most KADs raised in places with no other KADs or Koreans, but they also didn’t look anything like their adoptive parents and other family members.

How the Truth Can Hurt — or Heal

Articles | written

I attended the “Koreans and Camptowns” conference in Berkeley, Calif. last month after learning about this first-of-its-kind event from my friend Deann Borshay Liem, the documentary filmmaker who helped pioneer the event and whose storytelling I greatly admire. Frankly, I was hesitant to attend the conference because I knew the majority of attendees would be Korean-American adoptees. Would I fit in as a mixed-race Korean-American raised by his biological parents?

Best Day Ever

Film & Original | video

The Mental Health Channel presents this short documentary film on 26 year-old Grace Kim’s battle with depression & suicidal thoughts and the unique project she undertook in her journey to overcome her mental illness.

Jaeki Cho

Not Your Average | video

In our first “Not Your Average” video, Julie Young interviews Jaeki Cho, a Korean American hip hop artist based in Flushing, NY. Jaeki was born in Korea, grew up in Nanjing, China, and immigrated to the US—first to Seattle, later to Elmhurst, New York. Jaeki discusses hip hop, rapping in Korean, and his documentary about Asian American rappers titled “Bad Rap”.

Where Are You Going, Thomas?: The Journey of a Korean War Orphan

Film & Original | video

This is the story of Thomas Park Clement, an abandoned bi-racial Korean War orphan, who was adopted by a white American family in 1958. He overcame many obstacles to become a successful entrepreneur and a humanitarian.

Seoul-Born, Bogotá-Raised, L.A.-Grown, Brooklyn-Aged: Profile of Chino

Profiles | written

Artist, music producer, and entrepreneur Chino (Kyu Min Lee)is “Seoul-born, Bogotá-raised, L.A.-grown, Brooklyn-aged.” He’s dined with diplomats and considers Erykah Badu a friend.

Introspective with Dan Choi

Film & Original | video

In this film Dan reflects on his journey as an activist as well as a gay man seeking acceptance from his mother and father who are conservative Christians. His father is a Southern Baptist minister in California. Dan talks openly about the challenges of being a full time activist, the emotional and mental toll which has resulted in him being hospitalized for mental health treatment, and the Christian values that enabled him to get through the difficult times even as he felt abandoned and ostracized by the Christian community in which he grew up.

Book Review of Krys Lee’s “Drifting House”

Book Reviews | written

Krys Lee’s lyrical collection of stories resists being summarized and remains memorable after reading. As a poet and fiction writer, Lee is both vibrant and restrained with detail; she neither exaggerates nor depicts sentimental reactions from her characters mired in tragic situations.

Love Beyond Measure: Pega Crimbchin

Profiles | written

Late one evening while mourning her late husband, Pega Crimbshin (nee Ock Soon Lee), 81, of Cabot, Pennsylvania, found a box that he had handcrafted and shown to her in January 1954. He had informed her that they contained important papers.

Choi Family
The Choi Family

Film & Original | video

“The Choi Family” is a fictionalized account of the family, whose last name is “Cho”, and the events surrounding them after the Virginia Tech massacre.

jason ahn18-sm-sq
Divided Families: Profile of Filmmaker/Physician Jason Ahn

Profiles | written

“Divided Families,” the documentary that Ahn co-directed and co-produced, tells the stories of Korean American immigrants who have been separated from family members in North Korea for more than fifty years as a result of the Korean War, which divided the country into north and south.

Considering North Korea

Articles | written

“What do you think about Korean reunification?”  The question came out of the blue. I was taping a Radio Free Asia interview about my just-released 2006 book, The Legend of Hong Kil Dong: The Robin Hood of Korea. I had no idea what the correct response was. Having been told that the broadcast could be heard in the DPRK, I mumbled something generic about Koreans all being one people.

The Great Korean American Divide

Film & Original | video

A short documentary following Korean American individuals, whose lives present factors that create generational differences, and a possible way to bridge the gap.

It’s About How You Feel in Your Heart: Profile of Marja Vongerichten

Profiles | written

Never in a million years did Marja Vongerichten think she would become the unofficial ambassador of Korean food to the United States. Her story is well known at this point. Born to a Korean mother and an African-American serviceman father, at the age of three she was adopted by an African-American couple, Colonel James Allen and Margo McKay.

Speech at The Beautiful Foundation Grant Award Ceremony

Articles | written

Hello. My name is HJ Lee, and I am the founder and president of  I would like to tell you about the genesis of

Move the Crowd

Film & Original | video

A documentary following the lives of two hip-hop Korean American artists, Sarah “Skim” Kim and Jonathan “Dumbfoundead” Park. There are some good performances by these artists about 10 minutes into the video. This documentary was produced and directed by Reed Nakamura.

Chicken Man Thumbnail Image
Chicken Man

Film & Original | video

This moving documentary follows the life of Chris Hwang, a Korean-American pastor known affectionately by the homeless he serves as “Chicken Man”.  Produced and directed by Mi Jung Youm and Jason Shutt.