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LGBTQ Korean American Voices
Why Korean American Churches Need a Makeover
Andy Marra – Love/Hate Project

Andy Marra is a Korean American adoptee and leader in LGBTQI advocacy.

Blake Chow – SaIGu LA Riots

Commander Blake Chow is Assistant Commanding Officer – Operations West Bureau, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Joanne Lee

Joanne Lee didn’t know how to react when her second child, Skylar, came out as transgender and found that she was unable to fully understand and accept his LGBTQ identity.

KRB Podcast: Clara Yoon

In this week’s Korean American Story with KRB 87.7 FM, Clara Yoon talks about her experience as a mother of a transgender son, and the support that’s available at PFLAG for LGBTQ individuals, their families, and friends.

mark ro beyersdorf-headshot
My Korean American Story: Mark Ro Beyersdorf

Ever since I left Southern California for college in Connecticut, my mother has always waited while I wind through the airport security line. She smiles and waves wildly until I make it past screening and turn around to wave goodbye one last time. Except once.

Why Korean American Churches Need a Makeover

Last year, I gathered with some two hundred other Korean Americans for a church wedding. I was perhaps one of three women who arrived without a date and one of two atheists in the entire crowd. The couple to be wed was, of course, Korean American: the groom, a youth pastor I knew from college; the bride, a bubbly woman he had met at church in California. As I lined up to tender my gift and find my seat in the pews, I already felt the chill of alienation.