2016 ROAR Story Slam: Stories

We are so excited to present our finalists’ stories from ROAR Story Slam, which took place on October 15 at the Ronald Reagan building in Washington D.C. Shout out to Council of Korean Americans (CKA)! And thank you Minsoo Kang for being our dynamic MC!

What an amazing night! We were honored to host 6 amazing finalists who poured out their hearts and shared their unforgettable stories. A big THANK YOU to all of our contestants!

1st Place Winner Jen Kim

Jen Kim shares her experiences of loss, separation, and reunification.

2nd Place Winner Min-Woo Park

Min-Woo Park introduces himself by taking us through snapshots in his life that span from microaggressions to humorous moments to cultural pride.

3rd Place Winner Eric Sharp

Eric Sharp shares, through words and movement, his experience of trying to find the words to articulate his Korean American identity.

Finalist Erica Lee

Erica Lee shares the story of how her parents met.
“As he sees her walking towards him, her footsteps match the beat of his heart.”

Finalist Jeff Choh

Dr. Jeff Choh shares his experiences of operating on patients in North Korea, and connecting and building trust with NK doctors. He now feels compelled to return to North Korea regularly: “Now it’s my turn. My turn to go help my own people.”

Finalist Eugenia Kim

Eugenia Kim shares that as the youngest of 6 children, she was the most Americanized and was estranged from her mother. She describes how she explored the significance of her mother’s dreams and began to research Korean history in order to understand the context and reconnect with her family’s past.

Awards Ceremony